About Me

Welcome to We Be Well.  My name is Ruby love. I have been practicing the healing arts since 1984.  At that time I began my spiritual journey learning the practices and in-depth study of the Yogic, Sufi, Tibetan Buddhist, and Taoist traditions. This is my foundation, with the teachers who guide me, for all of my healing work.  


My education includes, a BFA in fine arts, a BA in journalism, an MEd in special education and an MA in behavioral psychology. After this academic training I taught school, counseled families with children, worked with hospice clients, and began studying the Anat Baniel Method/Neuromovement, Feldenkrais and Somatic Experiencing.  My qualifications include SEP from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute including Kathy Kains Touch Skills for Trauma, Anat Baniel’s Childrens Mastery, High Performers and Vitality & Anti-aging specialties. 

Today I work with children and adults helping resolve trauma, improve and refine their capacity to move and function at a higher level and create a more balanced and happier state of being. I work in Encinitas California, where I am part of a community of people involved in the esoteric sciences. I work with We Be Well, the healing branch of the New Being Project, a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Its purpose is to benefit people by helping them grow, heal, and expand their consciousness through practice, selfless service and being responsible. 

© 2016  Ruby Love