Ruby helped my son move. When I brought him to her he made only small movements. Within a month and a half he was turning over on his own. Because of Ruby my son responds in life with enthusiasm now. He also never cried with her. 

Mary, mother of two

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I have experienced four SE sessions with Ruby Love. There is no one like her in terms of qualification, integrity, sheer talent and a directness that is softened by the sincerity of her caring heart. I had trouble with driving medium to long distances, partly because of lingering PTSD after a car accident. 

After a few sessions with Ruby that zeroed in on the trauma, I was able to drive with no problem! I recommend her all the time to anyone who needs help processing events in their lives. Thanks Ruby! 

Prem Dev, yoga & meditation teacher

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I went to Ruby for trauma counseling.  I was born with the umbilical cord around my neck and due to a lack of oxygen I have had developmental and emotional issues during my life. Ruby has helped me stop feeling anxiety and feel more confident in my work at a community college. 

Nicole, kitchen staff

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We took my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy to Ruby Love to try out the Anat Baniel Method. After the first three lessons we noticed subtle but significant changes in our daughter. Ruby worked with her for ten months, two lessons a week and it changed the quality of our child's life. Because of that we made a long term commitment for our child.

Ben & Darla, parents

My newborn baby daughter was too quiet and not responding emotionally like other babies.  I learned about good baby syndrome from another mother and believed that my daughter had possibly suffered some trauma because of my long labor.


At three months I took her to see Ruby and using her skills as an Anat Baniel Method and Somatic Experiencing practitioner  my daughter began to change noticeably after the first two sessions. Ruby also guided me in responding to my daughter, she was noticing her hands and there was more movement in her body. She began smiling, cooing and bonding with me in a new way.

Rebecca, nurse and mother

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