The Anat Baniel Method is at the leading edge of demonstrating what scientists now know about brain plasticity. 

Whatever your age, the brain and nervous system can become vibrant and dynamic in promoting new learning, and improved changes in function and movement.

The New Brain Model

  • Early experiences have a definite impact on brain development

  • Brain development is non-linear. There are optimal times during that development for acquiring certain skills and talents

  • Brain development is dependent on the interplay of genes and experience. e.g. a combination of nature AND nurture

  • New brain cells (neurons) are created as needed


  • By the age of three brains are twice as active as an adult's


  • Early interactions create the context of a life and wire the brain


  • The brain continues to develop right up to the end of life as long as the "right" stimulus is provided

The brain can repair itself.

Brain plasticity refers to how the brain can change. When neurons grow and adapt responding to new stimuli, the actual structure of the brain can change causing tangible improvements and a higher quality of life. Depending on the person and the changes in brain structure, the repeated exposure to these sensory stimuli will determine the level of functioning. 

The science community understands that the brain is malleable, therefore the structural changes that occur within the brain are in the number of neurons and connections between them.


Brain Plasticity

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