The Anat Baniel Method focuses on the formation of new neural connections and patterns in the brain. Rather than pushing the child out of his/her limitations, these new pathways allow the typical child as well as the special-needs child to take him/herself beyond those limitations.  While the method is a process, depending on various factors the results may be subtle or they may be quite dramatic.  And, anyone can benefit from the method.   

The program begins with an initial consultation and session, at which time I will recommend a program specialized for the child. A parent or caretaker is to be present at all times. During the sessions, I always work with the child, never trying to force the child beyond his/her limitations to progress, but helping the child develop not only the ability but also the intention to progress. 

The Anat Baniel Method helps infants and children with special needs. 


Children with Cerebral Palsy – Autism Spectrum – Brain Damage – ADD/ADHD – Genetic Disorders – Brachial Plexus – Developmental Delay – Sensory Integration Disorder - Aspergers – GERD – Eating Disorders – Learning Disability –  Scoliosis -and more…can attain significant improvement.  


Using the method, I utilize techniques that communicate directly, physically, with the child’s nervous system, rather than attempting to overextend the muscular-skeletal system.  Movement and enhanced awareness awaken the child to a fuller realization of the true innate capacities he or she possesses. 

Several factors play a part in both the projected outcome of a given situation or condition and the intensity and duration of the treatment.  These include: 

  • The severity of the child’s condition 

  • The age of the child and how long the condition has existed 

  • Previous interventions or therapies and the effects these have had  
    on the child 

  • The child’s response to prior and current therapies 

Many types of therapy are focused on what a child “should” be doing  at any given age, based on expected developmental stages; these expectations are truly no more than standards that can be considered normal.   Trying to force a child to perform beyond his/her current capability, however, rarely produces any outcome other than a frustrated and upset child. 

It is often overlooked that when a  child is traumatized, therefore needing healing, the other part of that system, the parent, is also traumatized and in need of healing.  So in order to perfectly serve the child, the parent must receive appropriate attention as well, including: 

Coaching, nutritional counseling parent support groups, and therapy.

The child may need and be recommended to receive nutritional guidance,  environmental and allergy testing, homeopathy, acupuncture, equine therapy, developmental optometry, orthopedic surgery, and Somatic Experiencing. 

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