The healing is done at the soul level. When a person is healed at this level, the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a persons suffering can heal as well. Shamanic healing methods include soul retrieval, extraction and heart centered depossession, power animal retrieval,  psychopomp (helping those who have died to transition and continue on their journey) and spiritual healing in many forms depending on what is encountered by the practitioner, what is revealed and how they are guided to intervene. 


Shamanic healing is often chosen when other medical interventions and healing modalities have not worked. Shamanism however, is complementary to modern medicine and therapy. "Often it is the missing link, the wind in the sails that allows healing, recovery and training to rapidly progress".  



Shamanic healing practitioners access the hidden realms of existence as well as the known physical world. In doing so they connect with compassionate spirits and beings who help them with the healing of others. The practitioner enters an alternate or non ordinary state of awareness and conciousness and requests guidance and help from these beings. Drumming is a tool which promotes and assists the practitioner in entering this state of conciousness. 

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Shamanic Healing

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