Conscious Dying

Our lives are filled with transition. 

The two most powerful transitions we have as human beings are the ones we call 

Birth and Death.

What would it mean to be conscious (or awake) during these two major transitions?

Conscious Dying is intended to educate and be of service during transitional times.


I remember myself

as the


whose deepest nature

is the

clear light itself;

I am one; 

there is no other.


                               ~~ E.J. Gold

   American Book of the Dead


by Lisa Dietrich

Conscious Dying helps people understand death as a transition rather than an ending to life. It offers spiritual support, study, grief counseling, discussion sessions for the dying and their family or anyone interested, as well as how to nurture the person going through this process. After death, there are transitional states called bardos. Assistance is offered in understanding and helping souls pass through these states or directly to the Clear Light.


It is only the body that dies, our consciousness remains, so it is important to keep it clear and uplifted. If the fear and other issues can be dealt with beforehand, the dying process can be an incredible opportunity to evolve spiritually and the moment of death the greatest opportunity to attain liberation. 


Without a doubt, death can be a profound healing experience and can be integrated into one’s life. This healing can be in the form of relief from physical or emotional pain, freedom from tensions and fear, the resolution of relationship issues, peaceful answers and agreements between family members, friends and support of the ones left behind. The dying person can also be assisted into the Clear Light. 


The Vision is that all aspects of life be experienced in a conscious way, including birth & death.  


© 2016  Ruby Love

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