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Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement® Feldenkrais


This is a class where you are guided through movements which have powerful effects for building strength, flexibility, pain relief and the improvement of function throughout the whole body . Additional benefits include mental and emotional clarity, vitality and well-being. 

All of the movements relate to everyday life, including sitting and walking, posture, running, lifting, reaching and all of the ordinary movements of the human body. 

You will be guided through a sequence of movements either lying, sitting, standing or walking. Most of the lessons are done on the floor with a mat or pad. (Mats are provided) 


The nine essentials of the Anat Baniel Method are followed as you are guided in these movements. These include attention, subtlety and variation. 

The lessons are called Transformational Movement Lessons (TMLs)

Location - Encinitas, California

Mondays 10-11:30am      90 Minutes - $20

Package of 5 - $75

Please call Ruby Love at (310) 393-1013  for more information


Kundilini Yoga

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Dying Consciously

Helping Loved Ones Transition

Do you have a loved one who is dying? Would you like to make their transition easier?

Come learn how to help anyone die more consciously, more peacefully, with more acceptance and appreciation for their life. Learn how to make their actual passing from their physical body easier with less suffering and fear.


Help family and friends allow this natural transition to happen with love and healing. In other cultures around the world death is a sacred rite and the dying are treated with great respect and assisted in the dying process. In the west there is a lot of fear associated with death.

“In a culture which has a taboo against even knowing about death, relaxing into a peaceful attentive passage takes the help of a dedicated guide. This guide can be anyone who cares enough to assist a loved one or even a stranger through transition.” (E.J. Gold) 

2  day workshop - Call for details

(310) 393-1013 

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